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All the items are handmade by me (Art T). Each one is unique and I take pride in all my work so my signature is my mark to say I'm happy with it..

Anyone who buys one of my items can be assured it will be good quality and should you not like it, you can return it for refund. 


Some products are not refundable and these are detailed in the product pages, usually these are the special or customised items.

I used plastic frames because they provide the clean appearance I like. I want to try to minimise my use of plastic so if for any reason in the future you decide to dispose of one of my pieces, I will gladly take it back an ensure it is recycled or up-cycled. Simply let me know, we'll agree how its returned and I'll take responsibility for its recycling.

I do get asked quite a few questions so here are the most common. If anything is not clear or you need more explanation, want to talk about something custom, please contact me

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Do you make them yourself?

Yes, all the items you see are made by me.

Will you make special items?

Generally - Yes. As long as I can maintain the quality and obviously, as long as its something I'm capable of doing, then, I'm happy to do special items. 

Do you have different frames?

I try to use the same frames for consistency they are avialble in white, grey or black.

Can you make different styles of lamps?

Yes, I manly make freestanding lamps but wall lamps can be made. The iron pipe is heavy so its best to keep wall lights simple.

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